Sunday, September 7, 2008

Like Kissing Girls? Yer Goin’ to HELL!!

Oh don't you just love the folks that get to decide what merits an all expense paid eternity in a warmer climate?

This time the residents of that throne are cozying up in Blacklick (Mudflap and Buttfuck already had their turn), Ohio.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Katy Perry, I think she's creepy, but her voice is all right. The fact that she pisses off people like this, however, does give me some degree of delight, I must say.

I'm not a kisser of chicks and I can't see that in my future (I just don't drink THAT much), but last week I was at a very "meow" oriented event in which I saw what I thought was a guy that looked like Kurt Cobain (pre Courtney) and checked him out a bit. He was a SHE though, so I retracted my "check", as it were (I swear I saw an Adam's apple), but SHE was taken anyways heheheheh. I'm not embarrassed or grossed out, a bit sad maybe? (She'd have been a hot guy, but in my world, that entails some key ingredients of the phallic nature.)

I honestly don't think Katy Perry kisses women; I think she knew she had a hit and ran with it. She's really not cool enough to go to Hell, in my overused opinion, but then, I don't know her. She might play guitar like Hendrix or make a mean quiche, who knows? Regardless, I fail to see where consensually kissing someone of the same sex hurts anyone else (no matter where the kiss lands). It just seems like there are so many more justifiable things going on that would endorse such a judgmental campaign.

I guess "girl on girl" action is far more dangerous than someone with no health insurance that has cancer though. Where are the billboards for this type of injustice?

The pastor of the 'mo hating church claims that the sign was a "loving warning". Wonder what qualifies as a STERN warning then. Yeesh.

If there is a Hell, then according to these types, I've booked my reservation ages ago, but I guess that all depends on your take on things.

Can you have pre-marital sex if you never actually plan to marry? Is it not just "sex" then, since marriage was never part of the agenda? It's not a commandment (none of them mention the Rainbow Coalition either). Does it count if you didn't orgasm? Technically you don't "get off" (enjoying the sin is far more sinful is it not?), but I suppose faking one is lying, unless it's not with your neighbor maybe?

Can't I just repent everything on my deathbed like rapists and murderers do to avoid a life of Florida-like summers sans the a/c? (If I thought that would work, I'd do it now to get the HELL out of Florida!)

I actually don't believe in Hells of any kind (except the "living Hell" experienced when you dig someone that you can't be with, for whatever reason, or when you're stuck in an elevator whilst having to piss really bad with someone stinky that is jingling change in their pocket and whistling a Toby Keith song), and I don't have a problem with people that do (some are close friends of mine), but maybe it's better to keep the contents of who you think is on Satan's guest list to yourself. You know, that whole "judge not lest ye be judged" thing?


If life is what you make it, then hey, maybe death is too.

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