Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Harmonica and Merry Syphilis!

"Ho F*ckin' Ho"

No I don't dress my cats and role play (ok, just on weekends, but we only do scenes from the first season of "Lost"). Scoob was messing about the decorations so I popped the cap on his head and zapped him into Nikon eternity. It's a minute he can't get back, but I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the lawsuit he filed against me for taking nudish photos of him and then posting them on the web. (He parades around here naked all the time, what does he expect?)

Well if you're into the holidays, then I hope they rock. If you think they suck and can't even feign going through the motions this year, then I hope they are swift and painless.

May your new year begin in the arms of a loved one, or at least a lusted one that you respect to whatever degree you are capable of.