Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy 65th Keith Richards!

In my lifetime, Richards has always looked older than language itself, but now he's actually reached retirement age and he still works a stage as if he could do it in his sleep (or a drug induced coma).

Were a nuclear war to ever occur, I imagine the bombs going off and as everyone was incinerated, Richards would awaken to the ruckus, light a cigarette, and then turn to a cockroach (the only other survivor) and say something completely unintelligible while choking on his own laughter.

If for some reason I outlive this man and I could be let near his corpse without a hazmat suit on, I will break off one of his index fingers, roll it in some papers, and smoke it.

He is my second favorite guitarist of all time (duh...Hendrix).

His interview on youtube with Hunter Thompson is interesting:

and so is watching him bash a fan in the head with a guitar:

But I'm about the Monkey Man:

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