Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bubble Day

"It's just coincidence
Well, you can talk that way
But I have to say I don't believe in it
It was a chill of chance,
I decided to dance the days away
" Tears - The Chameleons UK

It's my birthday and it's been a week of strange coincidences, which made me think of a past birthday back in NYC.

There used to be a club that my friend DJ'd at called "Babyland", which when you've had a few drinks doesn't sound half bad, but looking back with a sober eye it just sounds absurdly goofy. Seriously though, they had a café in the front of the club that had the BEST tiramisu in town. That was going to be my birthday cake stop on our clubbing rounds that evening.

After a 70's disco place, my friends and I were well oiled to jump into the giant cribs at Babyland, but first I parked myself on a bar stool for my Italian sugar shot. Everyone else headed for the back bar or dance floor, but I wasn't alone at the counter.

The guy behind the counter knew what I came for, and my yelling "Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!" reminded him that I wasn't paying for it. He happily came towards me with TWO big slices of precious silky Tiramisu, but only gave me one. The guy next to me was the other salivating recipient.

"It's your birthday too?" he asked. I nodded, shoveling yummies onto my tongue and not making eye contact so he wouldn't get any ideas (I was seeing one guy, but the guy I REALLY liked was ten feet behind me - I'm me so of course neither worked out, le sigh).

Birthday boy didn't believe me, so I tossed my ID at him and continued molesting my dessert. Not only were we born on the same day and year (he showed me his ID as well), we were both musicians that played bass and sang in a band at that time. Both of us clearly having a penchant for Babyland Tiramisu brought us to connect for just 15 minutes, never to meet again.


The other day a fellow blogger, that I met online a few months ago, mentioned in her blog some guy that I once went on a date with. She lives in another country and we've never even come close to crossing paths, but she also dated this guy. I haven't thought of him in years (he was a psycho), and today I saw him on TV! I immediately alerted my blogger friend, who then also told me he was in an advert as well. Whilst awaiting her reply, I got an email from my bestie Blonde Robert telling me he was getting my specific brand of vodka (I'm a gimlet girl) for me to begin tonight's get together in his kingdom of Wesley Chapel (North Tampa). He knows I'm particular, and I love him 100% legally for it.

Right then, up popped another gmail from my blogger friend and guess what the advert was? The exact brand of vodka that I was grinning about, seconds before.


As I was typing this, I got a birthday well wish from someone I became acquainted with because we are both fans of the band I quoted at the top of this piece.

Co-inky dink?


A good chunk of the eyes that peruse my words aren't "Myspace friends", so they didn't get the invite bulletin for tonight, or they live very, very far away so they can't possibly be in attendance.

Presence is far better than presents, but if you can't come out, send cash, concert tickets to anything but country (Oasis would be nice - I've got plane tickets I need to use up soon), a Giant Panda, a three month boyfriend (I only lease these days), a round trip ticket to the mid 1960's, a cure for insomnia (passing out drunk isn't my thing), a tour of Dylan Moran's scalp, or best of all....find a way to make me laugh with your clothes on.

I know you all want to shower me with flowers and jewelry, but I'm not that girl (plants are for food or funerals, diamonds only dazzle the least intelligent among us). Plus, I'd rather have you here with me.

My friends that are here are so awesome that they're actually resurrecting Hendrix, Joplin, Lennon, Harrison, Strummer, most of the Ramones, Kerouac, Pollock, Tupac, Bill Hicks, and Brian Jones just for my day.

There may even be bubbles. =)

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