Friday, November 14, 2008

Philosoph Eco

"Little boy you're going to hell
You said bad words
" Kenny Goes to Hell - Metallica

"Carlin's Going to Hell."

A few days ago, that's what protesters had on their signs outside of an awards ceremony honoring the late (and oh so fucking great) George Carlin. You have to wonder why one would feel the need to heckle a dead comedian (unless you have a life, in which case, you're probably not reading this), I mean, aren't there more productive places to be playing the "self righteous" game? Not to mention that if there is a "Hell", Carlin died months ago, wouldn't he have already gone? (As if proper grammar is a priority for these types.)

I can't imagine that Carlin believed there was an actual Hell. Nor do I (Hell, Michigan notwithstanding), but I do find the symbolism of these afterlife destinations intriguing (I wonder if there is an after-after-life? Sort of like the after-after-party?), especially in regards to the environment.

Heaven is above and Hell is below yeah? Interesting that raping the earth of coal and oil involves going waaaaaayyyyy down below and it's produced some scary shit. Strip Mining isn't nearly as sexy as it sounds (ask the Navajos about Uranium - not their idea of foreplay, I'm guessing), but we're told that it's a "necessary evil" at this point.

CLEAN ENERGY….ahhhhhhhhhh, deep yoga breath of …AIR? Solar and wind power come from where? Above; the "heavens". Sun grows our greens (legal or otherwise - it doesn't discriminate), and the rain and wind, well, you see what I'm saying here.

Isn't it fascinating that the political party screaming "Drill baby drill" hypocritically stands behind a book that starts off saying that the one they worship created "the heavens and the earth"? These two places were supposedly created before anything with genitals came to be, but the inhabitants conduct their business here like a bunch of meth addicts running a health food store. Some whilst yammering on about biblical symbolism, yet they can't see what I'm musing about here (walk that dogma much?).

I know there are many factions in "small town America" that feel the need to only read one book (look how many trees that saves!), or claim they read it, as most just sheep it "cuz readin's for them elitist types that cain't play football", but the closer you get to a city, the more libraries and book stores appear (they actually get used too).

Leash laws are enforced in these close quartered, reader populations because dogmas must be curbed and kept under control in order for the masses to get along.

They run free in "ril America" though; leaving nothing but shit filled lawns in their wake, and with that scent abound, those folks will probably be the first to purchase bottled air (eh em…water used to be free).

Maybe George left Hell? Wouldn't it be funny if Hell was believing that there is something else besides this?

"Frisbeetarianism is the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck." George Carlin

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