Friday, January 15, 2010

P As In Pterodactyl

Above: Me & Ben P. Chmura

"She she she shine on" Shine On - House of Love

Oh so glad Ben wasn't kicked off the first episode of Project Runway! Was great to have him back in Tampa. He's really a sweet guy and I hope he continues to do well. The party was great, and the after party was pretty wild too, as you can see below. I found a dude who was drunk, but asleep on his feet. This is one of many photos I took that kept some of us tards epically entertained for a good ten minutes:

I saw a funny cartoon about Pterodactyls today ( that made me think of one of my odd quirks. Whenever I have to spell a "p" word out on the phone, I always say "P as in Pterodactyl". I'm an asshole, and I freely admit it.

At least I don't say "P as in PHONE", heheheh. =)