Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

What a nice surprise to check in on my Canadian pretty,
Vesper, today and find that she tagged me as one of her 7 creative bloggers! How groovy is that? Thanks V!

In acceptance of the Kreativ Blogger award, one must post 7 things they love and 7 creative bloggers they'd like to decorate with said award. Fair enough!

7 Things I Love:

1) Music - My ears must have 7,000 more nerve endings than the average being because I seem to get off 7,000 times harder than anyone else I know when it comes to the tunes. The only thing that makes music better is last on the list combined with what is next.

2) Humor - A necessary ingredient to everything. Sex is hilarious, I can't imagine it without humor, yet I can handle humor without sex. The Beatles were the best with implementing humor in their music, but Beck does a nice job too.

3) Writing -Also one of my top 5 best forms of self entertainment using both hands (I mostly type). It's the only occasion where I truly crack myself up and don't feel weird about it.

4) Compliments - I shan't lie, I dig hearing nice things.

5) Relating - when someone really GETS you effortlessly, and vice versa. A rarity.

6) Pets - Love at first sight can occur with them and it's everlasting.

7) Sex - It's best with music, but exceptions can be made. I'm fascinated by it, love to discuss it, and yet don't feel nearly as acquainted with it as I should be. It should never be done with pets, EVER!

7 Kreativ Bloggers:

Vesper - I love it when I meet someone and there's weird, cosmic connections. Canada is so lucky to be cuddling you and your effervescent outlook on everything from film to hair straightening.

Annie - This chick is adventurous. She's "all in" when she makes things happen, and everytime I read her, I want to pack my bags and go somewhere I've never heard of.

Rosie - In so many of her posts, there are these lightly, jeweled phrases that you just want to invite out for drinks.

Andrew - Oh he hates this stuff, if he sees it, he'll probably print it out and have a piss on it. Were it not for him and his bitchy bites of funny, I wouldn't have found Annie, Rosie, or Billy.

Billy - He provoked bloggers worldwide to bathe in milk, need I say more?

Swiss Toni - Yeah, the name alone right? I love going to Swiss Toni's Place. He's like seven kinds of geek, but the music one is the one I read for. If you like Bill Bryson and go to 10 shows a month, you'll dig this guy.

7) The last blogger I want to give this to is a private one. I know that's probably not how this gets around, but I think they could use a treat right now. Shhhhhhhhhhh.