Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

What a nice surprise to check in on my Canadian pretty,
Vesper, today and find that she tagged me as one of her 7 creative bloggers! How groovy is that? Thanks V!

In acceptance of the Kreativ Blogger award, one must post 7 things they love and 7 creative bloggers they'd like to decorate with said award. Fair enough!

7 Things I Love:

1) Music - My ears must have 7,000 more nerve endings than the average being because I seem to get off 7,000 times harder than anyone else I know when it comes to the tunes. The only thing that makes music better is last on the list combined with what is next.

2) Humor - A necessary ingredient to everything. Sex is hilarious, I can't imagine it without humor, yet I can handle humor without sex. The Beatles were the best with implementing humor in their music, but Beck does a nice job too.

3) Writing -Also one of my top 5 best forms of self entertainment using both hands (I mostly type). It's the only occasion where I truly crack myself up and don't feel weird about it.

4) Compliments - I shan't lie, I dig hearing nice things.

5) Relating - when someone really GETS you effortlessly, and vice versa. A rarity.

6) Pets - Love at first sight can occur with them and it's everlasting.

7) Sex - It's best with music, but exceptions can be made. I'm fascinated by it, love to discuss it, and yet don't feel nearly as acquainted with it as I should be. It should never be done with pets, EVER!

7 Kreativ Bloggers:

Vesper - I love it when I meet someone and there's weird, cosmic connections. Canada is so lucky to be cuddling you and your effervescent outlook on everything from film to hair straightening.

Annie - This chick is adventurous. She's "all in" when she makes things happen, and everytime I read her, I want to pack my bags and go somewhere I've never heard of.

Rosie - In so many of her posts, there are these lightly, jeweled phrases that you just want to invite out for drinks.

Andrew - Oh he hates this stuff, if he sees it, he'll probably print it out and have a piss on it. Were it not for him and his bitchy bites of funny, I wouldn't have found Annie, Rosie, or Billy.

Billy - He provoked bloggers worldwide to bathe in milk, need I say more?

Swiss Toni - Yeah, the name alone right? I love going to Swiss Toni's Place. He's like seven kinds of geek, but the music one is the one I read for. If you like Bill Bryson and go to 10 shows a month, you'll dig this guy.

7) The last blogger I want to give this to is a private one. I know that's probably not how this gets around, but I think they could use a treat right now. Shhhhhhhhhhh.


Andrew said...

Thank you! I don't hate these things at all, it's just the Irish blog awards, with their self-importance, their bizarre judging system and little crystal trophies that annoy me. Having one blogger you like selecting you as one fo their favourites and writing nice things about you is no hardship at all.

Vesper de Vil said...

thank you so much!!! hey are you on Twitter? lots of music lovers there using Blip to DJ to each other.

Billy said...

Why thank you... I always like these kind of things.

She Likes It Loud said...

A & B - Groovy. You're welcome!

V- Big kiss. I have a twitter, but I haven't explored it. "Shelikesitloud", same as here heheh.

Anonymous said...

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She Likes It Loud said...

Thank you, that's very kind of you to say =)