Thursday, March 19, 2009

Skeleton Oy!

“Your love is out
But even despite it all
Give me your hand
Let's face this night and see it through”
Skeleton Boy -
Friendly Fires

I basically dig skeletal dudes that dance well, so the latest video by the trio “Friendly Fires” is definitely my favorite right now.

I was blasting them in my car months ago and just recently the clubs here have gotten wind of “Paris”, their first single, so I’m guessing by mid-June “Skeleton Boy” may get a turn.

FF’s songs aren’t insanely awesome, “groovy” is probably a better word as they consistently bang out these dancey light verses that are complimented by some heavy choruses that bite your soul up (don’t worry, it doesn’t itch). I don’t even like the verses that much, but the choruses knock me on my ass every time.

They’re touring with “White Lies” and “Soft Pack” as we speak, but of course, not where I live (assorted expletives).

If I happen upon a ticket for one of the US dates, I may fly out, I need a break from this place SOON!


mickey said...

wow, i had flashbacks of the eighties. sound a bit like howard jones and that ilk. funny stuff.

She Likes It Loud said...

Heh yeah it does sound a bit like HoJo. Cycle, recycle-seems to be the way it goes.

Scott said...

A lot of people have been telling me to listen to them. I always got their name mixed up with the Fiery Furnaces, who are pretty awesome (and very nice people, to boot). I'll check it out.