Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NT and the Beat........(les)

"Nothing you can know that isn't known. Nothing you can see that isn't shown. Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be. It's easy." All You Need Is Love - The Beatles

There really isn't anything I can say about The Beatles that hasn't been said, so pardon any regurgitation of ideas or feelings that have been probably more eloquently discussed by previous admirers.

They're my favorite band of all time, no question. The first song I memorized all the way through wasn't the "ABC's", it was "I Want to Hold Your Hand" (to this day my favorite thing to do is holding hands and be held by them, so blame the Fab Four for my handsiness).

Aside from their brilliance in musicianship, their humor was captivating. They brought my beloved sarcasm to the fore like no other preceding them, but knew that subtlety was the charm of charms. When you back that with a guitar, I am sold (no returns once you remove the tags, and no I won't tell you where those are).

They were four very strong individuals that were similarly unique (oxymoron alert), but without one, they weren't The Beatles. Each was irreplaceable.

I'm trying to pre-edit myself as I write this because the way I feel about this band could easily turn into a book. I've avoided them as a complete blog subject because in my mind, they're just too big.

It's the anniversaries of John and George's deaths (George's just over a week ago) but I don't want to go into the loss thing. They did nothing but ADD to existence as we know it, and I guess I just want to remind your senses of this fact.

I've decided to include a video of "Rain", a lesser known song (if there is such a thing), but definitely a fave. One of my old flames told me that he always thinks of me when he hears it because I played it for him on the beach some night a few lifetimes ago. To be forever associated with that song to someone just makes it even more meaningful to me. =)