Monday, December 29, 2008

Perceiving Glasvegas

"I need to make sure you know that's just the prescription talking" Geraldine - Glasvegas

I just learned of the Glasgow based band "Glasvegas" when I saw them on TV recently.

Upon first listen of their song "Geraldine", my ears immediately stood up and applauded for like an hour. Yeah, they wrapped round the back of my head and stretched, so now I look like some white, Ubangi chick and I can't stop eating peanuts (good thing I have long hair).

The awesome thing about falling in love with songs is that you can do it frequently and never feel like you've let an earlier song down. You can love many at once and no one thinks you're a whore. You can love so hard that you lose your forehead, and nobody gets freaked out. There's never a break up; you just may kind of lose touch for a while. Not only are you allowed, but you're even expected to get back together for a quickie whenever you want - fucking bliss, that is.

I love this song.

I love it so much, I want to introduce it to my friends and protect it from people I'm related to.

I love it so much I would fly my plaid covered ass to New York next week to see the band play it live, but the Bowery is sold out and my connections there are all but severed (oops).

I'm a longtime fan of bands from Scotland (The Jesus and Mary Chain, Teenage Fanclub, Franz Ferdinand) mostly because they know how to keep things simple so that the melody stands out in a much more soul-ripping way. Simple, but not boring. Rich Costey (Muse, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand) did the production and I just want to lick his subtleties repeatedly.

Love is blind but it ain't deaf (lust is deaf but it has 20/20 vision).

Too bad songs are easier to love than people.

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By Glasvegas
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Floss the Ruined Verse

"I don't like playing ping pong
I don't like the Viet Cong
I don't like Burger King
I don't like anything
" I'm Against It - The Ramones.

I was a bit inebriated the other night at a friend's when they decided we should watch "Across the Universe". I tried to be polite and warn that I hate when other people do Beatle songs (see my "Under the Coverz" blog for specific details), but I was outnumbered and told I would LOVE it.

Admittedly, I have an overwhelming personality at times, but the one girl making the case for this film is downright intimidating. I think if she pushed me into a corner and insisted that I was gay, I would immediately get online and send my mom a PFLAG sweatshirt.

I still mildly protested but then they drugged me, bound me to the couch with dental floss, and then put the toothpicks in my eyelids all Clockwork Orange style. Resistance was futile.

I don't think I've ever been told to "shut up" so much in my life, but I couldn't help myself. I did try to be flexible; I mean I've changed my mind before, but nope, not this time. The Jaws of Life couldn't pry open my mind. I'm glad they all enjoyed it, but seeing Bono dressed like Lemmy from Motorhead finally sobered me up. It was time to brave the dangerous, foggy drive home.

The second I got into my car, I grabbed my IPOD and caressed its black body in search of the real thing. No, no, no, you can't just go from that mockery straight to the MASTERS. No, one must cleanse the palate first.

Oasis. There couldn't be a better transition.

"Let It Be…Naked" had to be next, since I was feeling the PURIST in me. Even though I was a fan of Spector's early shit with the girl groups of the '60's, I like these recordings sans his "wall of sound" much better. See, I'm not completely against change =)


The next day I was asked by someone else what the film was about. "Ruining The Beatles' songs," I replied.

Let them fucking be.

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Let It Be...Naked
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Harmonica and Merry Syphilis!

"Ho F*ckin' Ho"

No I don't dress my cats and role play (ok, just on weekends, but we only do scenes from the first season of "Lost"). Scoob was messing about the decorations so I popped the cap on his head and zapped him into Nikon eternity. It's a minute he can't get back, but I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the lawsuit he filed against me for taking nudish photos of him and then posting them on the web. (He parades around here naked all the time, what does he expect?)

Well if you're into the holidays, then I hope they rock. If you think they suck and can't even feign going through the motions this year, then I hope they are swift and painless.

May your new year begin in the arms of a loved one, or at least a lusted one that you respect to whatever degree you are capable of.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy 65th Keith Richards!

In my lifetime, Richards has always looked older than language itself, but now he's actually reached retirement age and he still works a stage as if he could do it in his sleep (or a drug induced coma).

Were a nuclear war to ever occur, I imagine the bombs going off and as everyone was incinerated, Richards would awaken to the ruckus, light a cigarette, and then turn to a cockroach (the only other survivor) and say something completely unintelligible while choking on his own laughter.

If for some reason I outlive this man and I could be let near his corpse without a hazmat suit on, I will break off one of his index fingers, roll it in some papers, and smoke it.

He is my second favorite guitarist of all time (duh...Hendrix).

His interview on youtube with Hunter Thompson is interesting:

and so is watching him bash a fan in the head with a guitar:

But I'm about the Monkey Man:

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bubble Day

"It's just coincidence
Well, you can talk that way
But I have to say I don't believe in it
It was a chill of chance,
I decided to dance the days away
" Tears - The Chameleons UK

It's my birthday and it's been a week of strange coincidences, which made me think of a past birthday back in NYC.

There used to be a club that my friend DJ'd at called "Babyland", which when you've had a few drinks doesn't sound half bad, but looking back with a sober eye it just sounds absurdly goofy. Seriously though, they had a café in the front of the club that had the BEST tiramisu in town. That was going to be my birthday cake stop on our clubbing rounds that evening.

After a 70's disco place, my friends and I were well oiled to jump into the giant cribs at Babyland, but first I parked myself on a bar stool for my Italian sugar shot. Everyone else headed for the back bar or dance floor, but I wasn't alone at the counter.

The guy behind the counter knew what I came for, and my yelling "Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!" reminded him that I wasn't paying for it. He happily came towards me with TWO big slices of precious silky Tiramisu, but only gave me one. The guy next to me was the other salivating recipient.

"It's your birthday too?" he asked. I nodded, shoveling yummies onto my tongue and not making eye contact so he wouldn't get any ideas (I was seeing one guy, but the guy I REALLY liked was ten feet behind me - I'm me so of course neither worked out, le sigh).

Birthday boy didn't believe me, so I tossed my ID at him and continued molesting my dessert. Not only were we born on the same day and year (he showed me his ID as well), we were both musicians that played bass and sang in a band at that time. Both of us clearly having a penchant for Babyland Tiramisu brought us to connect for just 15 minutes, never to meet again.


The other day a fellow blogger, that I met online a few months ago, mentioned in her blog some guy that I once went on a date with. She lives in another country and we've never even come close to crossing paths, but she also dated this guy. I haven't thought of him in years (he was a psycho), and today I saw him on TV! I immediately alerted my blogger friend, who then also told me he was in an advert as well. Whilst awaiting her reply, I got an email from my bestie Blonde Robert telling me he was getting my specific brand of vodka (I'm a gimlet girl) for me to begin tonight's get together in his kingdom of Wesley Chapel (North Tampa). He knows I'm particular, and I love him 100% legally for it.

Right then, up popped another gmail from my blogger friend and guess what the advert was? The exact brand of vodka that I was grinning about, seconds before.


As I was typing this, I got a birthday well wish from someone I became acquainted with because we are both fans of the band I quoted at the top of this piece.

Co-inky dink?


A good chunk of the eyes that peruse my words aren't "Myspace friends", so they didn't get the invite bulletin for tonight, or they live very, very far away so they can't possibly be in attendance.

Presence is far better than presents, but if you can't come out, send cash, concert tickets to anything but country (Oasis would be nice - I've got plane tickets I need to use up soon), a Giant Panda, a three month boyfriend (I only lease these days), a round trip ticket to the mid 1960's, a cure for insomnia (passing out drunk isn't my thing), a tour of Dylan Moran's scalp, or best of all....find a way to make me laugh with your clothes on.

I know you all want to shower me with flowers and jewelry, but I'm not that girl (plants are for food or funerals, diamonds only dazzle the least intelligent among us). Plus, I'd rather have you here with me.

My friends that are here are so awesome that they're actually resurrecting Hendrix, Joplin, Lennon, Harrison, Strummer, most of the Ramones, Kerouac, Pollock, Tupac, Bill Hicks, and Brian Jones just for my day.

There may even be bubbles. =)

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Illin’ Noid

"Someone else is gonna come and clean it up
Born and raised for the job
Someone always does
I wish you'd get up get over
get up, get over and turn your tape off
" A Wolf At The Door - Radiohead

The state of Illinois called me today. Seems they heard my birthday was on the horizon and they were feeling really givvy give and want to bestow upon me the title of "Governor" as a gifty if I'm up for it.

As you have probably seen in recent days, the seated Governor (who resembles a 1970's version of Roman Polanski meets a used car salesman) was on the take, and he and his creepy, half-feathered hair have been more than tardly flamboyant about it.

It seems that since my last name is just as fucked up as his for the public to pronounce, it put me up for consideration to replace him. I have no criminal record, and when they tapped my phones all they heard was the national anthem done in pig Latin accompanied by bongos, so they figure I'm their best bet to lead the hub of the Midwest for the next few years (or at least till I'm caught with the lead singer of The Academy Is behind a McDonalds with my left hand violating the open container law and my right hand redecorating the inside of his low riders - power does strange things to me).

I was one breath away from flabbergasted as I've never even lived in Illinois. One school trip and a layover at O'Hare airport is really all the time I've put in there. I also can't fathom that they'd appoint someone who isn't a Christian, but hey, if Oprah will have me, I'm there.

I don't even know much about the state of Illinois. I know John Cusack lives there, so maybe I can force him to accompany me to my inauguration. Wilco, The Smashing Pumpkins, Fall Out Boy, and Plain White T's hail from there so it's not desolate as far as music goes. I guess I could make it my domain.

I've never fancied myself a public official and really don't think I'll get much done, but I suppose standing still is better than moving backwards these days.

I wonder if I'll get to pardon people. I would abuse that a little with prank calls to executions. They'll be strapped in, sweaty eyeballs on the NEEDLE, and everything will come to a halt when they see the phone light up. Could it be? The governor is really stepping in to pardon this guy for killing six women just because they wore red?

Nope. She just called to say "Psyche!"

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NT and the Beat........(les)

"Nothing you can know that isn't known. Nothing you can see that isn't shown. Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be. It's easy." All You Need Is Love - The Beatles

There really isn't anything I can say about The Beatles that hasn't been said, so pardon any regurgitation of ideas or feelings that have been probably more eloquently discussed by previous admirers.

They're my favorite band of all time, no question. The first song I memorized all the way through wasn't the "ABC's", it was "I Want to Hold Your Hand" (to this day my favorite thing to do is holding hands and be held by them, so blame the Fab Four for my handsiness).

Aside from their brilliance in musicianship, their humor was captivating. They brought my beloved sarcasm to the fore like no other preceding them, but knew that subtlety was the charm of charms. When you back that with a guitar, I am sold (no returns once you remove the tags, and no I won't tell you where those are).

They were four very strong individuals that were similarly unique (oxymoron alert), but without one, they weren't The Beatles. Each was irreplaceable.

I'm trying to pre-edit myself as I write this because the way I feel about this band could easily turn into a book. I've avoided them as a complete blog subject because in my mind, they're just too big.

It's the anniversaries of John and George's deaths (George's just over a week ago) but I don't want to go into the loss thing. They did nothing but ADD to existence as we know it, and I guess I just want to remind your senses of this fact.

I've decided to include a video of "Rain", a lesser known song (if there is such a thing), but definitely a fave. One of my old flames told me that he always thinks of me when he hears it because I played it for him on the beach some night a few lifetimes ago. To be forever associated with that song to someone just makes it even more meaningful to me. =)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pine Ridge Holiday Toy Drive

Hey there! You probably don't know this, but the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota is one of the poorest areas of the United States (some don't even have indoor plumbing there). Every holiday season an unjustly incarcerated man named Leonard Peltier organizes a toy drive from his cell for the kids that live on the Pine Ridge rez.

I try to send something every year and hope that if you can afford to, you may want to send a new toy or new clothes to these kids too. NEW as in "not used". If you received a present and you don't want it, that's still new imo, but I doubt anyone reading this got a toy they didn't want.

I usually send some sort of music player with a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries, but occasionally I run across estate sales with brand new with tags clothing that I pack in there too.

I'll enclose the letter about the drive that also contains gift ideas, if you are so inclined:

Leonard Peltier is once again organizing a holiday gift drive for the children of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Pine Ridge is one of the most impoverished areas in the United States, and this is one way Peltier continues his humanitarian work for his people despite his 32-year incarceration. Help him reach out beyond the bars that imprison him. The gift drive helps not only the children and families, but also Leonard himself, keeping his spirit strong through the difficult holiday season.

The Gift Drive will serve ages newborn to 18 years. Ideas for Christmas Gifts per Age Range:

Puzzles, Board Books, Building Blocks, Stuffed Animals, Blankets, Trucks, Musical Instruments for Toddler, Riding Toys, Push Toys, Baby Dolls (All Ethnicities) or Stuffed Animals, Clothes

Children Ages 3-6
Baby Dolls, Dolls or Barbies (All Ethnicities), Puzzles, Books, Developmental Board Games (Counting Games), Arts and Crafts Sets, Race Tracks, Legos, Dress Up Clothes, Children’s Videos, Bikes, Clothes

Children Ages 7-12
Board Games, Books, Purses and Wallets, Art Sets, Boom Boxes, Sports Equipment, Barbie Dolls (All Ethnicities) , Arts and Crafts Sets, Journals, Model Car Kits, Clothes, Bikes, Jewelry, Clothes

Teens Ages 13-18
Books, Journals, Bath and Body Gifts, Make Up Sets, Sports Equipment, Purses and Wallets, Jewelry and Watches, Art Supply Kits, Gift Certificates to Wal-Mart or Target, DVD’s or Videos, Clothes

Mail all gifts to:
Rosyln Jumping Bull
BOX 207
Oglala, SD 57764

Thanks man, and feel free to pass this on.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Theosoph Eco

"I swear I recognize your breath
Memories like fingerprints are slowly raising
Me, you wouldn't recall, for I'm not my former
" Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town - Pearl Jam

I've heard people repeatedly say that the U.S. hasn't been this politically divided since the Civil War, and then often remarking about the irony of a Senator from Illinois being elected followed by the inevitable comparison of President Elect Obama to the late President Lincoln.

Lincoln reincarnating into our soon to be Commander In Chief has also come up. There are even web sites about the subject, in which some man proclaiming to be the authority on "who's who" in the reincarnated world has stated that PE Obama is NOT FP Abe, but he is actually the newer version of a man named Lyman Trumbull. "Lymie" was also a Senator from Illinois during the Civil War, and he co-authored the Thirteenth Amendment that helped put an end to slavery.

Ooooh I loves me some reincarnation, really I do. It's always laughed off in our culture, but clearly some chubby, bald guys wearing drapes in the Far and Near East really dig it. Chris Rock redid a movie about it (not a very good one, but there is a flick called "Dead Again" that I found refreshingly original for its time), but outside of the new agey types, it's not really a conversation cookie that people regularly chew on.

Wouldn't it be wild though, if all the same yip-yaps from the Civil War were re-living now? That might explain the strange penchant some have for re-enacting it (because nothing else can make that hobby look even slightly within the realms of sanity to me, though I dig the sideburns), and it would at least show the "division" was a tad more CIVIL this time around than the first run we had (stupid chicks carving backwards "B's" on their faces isn't nearly as bad as being bayoneted, one would think).

I'm totally fascinated with the concept of reincarnation, I mean, talk about recycling! The Green Party gets a collective woody when it's even hinted at. I don't believe it as a truth, but I've read loads of books about it (mostly in correlation with hypnosis, another thing that piques my interest), and for whatever reason I don't discount it as a possibility. The hapless romantic in me, I guess (I should charge that bitch rent).

Even though most religions imply or subscribe to such a possibility, it's not lucrative for those that claim a rewarding afterlife (give us your money here on earth and I'll put you on the guest list THERE, I have an "in" with the bearded dudes because I SAY I do). Open minds mean closed wallets to the Catholics (those ornate pointy hats don't pay for themselves). Plus, you are much easier to control if you think you only get one chance to hit it out of the park.

On the other end, you can use this theory to control minds based on the sad fact that if you don't follow another set of manipulative rules, you could come back as one of Ted Nugent's relatives (there's a fate worse than death), depending on one's level of naivety.

We've all known someone that when our eyes first met, there was something familiar. Some of these connections turn out great, and some turn into the sickest displays of dysfunction ever witnessed. Some are lifelong friends, and some just won't let go of you no matter what you do. They make you wonder if you did something not so groovy to them in a previous life. Is there Karma? Is their revenge going to be exacted on me now, then next life I go after them, on and on?

I tried to believe in Karma, but it didn't take. Too many times where I made sure not to hurt someone and then got hurt by them; I told the truth and got lied to. What I put out did not come back, so the evidence for that sort of thesis is shrinking by the day in my world. Could be what you put in doesn't come back till next life? Or is it all just ridiculous pondering that doesn't equal to shark shit (do they? I thought I'd pick a new type of "shit", just for Fuck's sake - we all know how sensitive Fuck is)?

There are a few cosmic things that no one can explain (this blog, for instance). Some of it is absolutely mesmerizing even if I don't subscribe to it as a whole (I can't commit to anything other than being non-committal). I find bits of every philosophy interesting as I habitually THINK, but I'm desperately trying to quit (maybe I'll try the patch).

If reincarnation is a fact and I screwed anyone over before, then man, I am really sorry. Not everyone wants to work out their "stuff", but I never like to be in yuck with anyone. It would bother me if I was hurting someone, yet I've often encountered those that indulge in such acts with psychotic fervor. Maybe I'll come back as one of their offspring (or their offspring's offspring) and hatchet them to death in their sleep.

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