Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pine Ridge Holiday Toy Drive

Hey there! You probably don't know this, but the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota is one of the poorest areas of the United States (some don't even have indoor plumbing there). Every holiday season an unjustly incarcerated man named Leonard Peltier organizes a toy drive from his cell for the kids that live on the Pine Ridge rez.

I try to send something every year and hope that if you can afford to, you may want to send a new toy or new clothes to these kids too. NEW as in "not used". If you received a present and you don't want it, that's still new imo, but I doubt anyone reading this got a toy they didn't want.

I usually send some sort of music player with a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries, but occasionally I run across estate sales with brand new with tags clothing that I pack in there too.

I'll enclose the letter about the drive that also contains gift ideas, if you are so inclined:

Leonard Peltier is once again organizing a holiday gift drive for the children of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Pine Ridge is one of the most impoverished areas in the United States, and this is one way Peltier continues his humanitarian work for his people despite his 32-year incarceration. Help him reach out beyond the bars that imprison him. The gift drive helps not only the children and families, but also Leonard himself, keeping his spirit strong through the difficult holiday season.

The Gift Drive will serve ages newborn to 18 years. Ideas for Christmas Gifts per Age Range:

Puzzles, Board Books, Building Blocks, Stuffed Animals, Blankets, Trucks, Musical Instruments for Toddler, Riding Toys, Push Toys, Baby Dolls (All Ethnicities) or Stuffed Animals, Clothes

Children Ages 3-6
Baby Dolls, Dolls or Barbies (All Ethnicities), Puzzles, Books, Developmental Board Games (Counting Games), Arts and Crafts Sets, Race Tracks, Legos, Dress Up Clothes, Children’s Videos, Bikes, Clothes

Children Ages 7-12
Board Games, Books, Purses and Wallets, Art Sets, Boom Boxes, Sports Equipment, Barbie Dolls (All Ethnicities) , Arts and Crafts Sets, Journals, Model Car Kits, Clothes, Bikes, Jewelry, Clothes

Teens Ages 13-18
Books, Journals, Bath and Body Gifts, Make Up Sets, Sports Equipment, Purses and Wallets, Jewelry and Watches, Art Supply Kits, Gift Certificates to Wal-Mart or Target, DVD’s or Videos, Clothes

Mail all gifts to:
Rosyln Jumping Bull
BOX 207
Oglala, SD 57764

Thanks man, and feel free to pass this on.