Monday, March 30, 2009

Ting One and Ting Two

They call me Hell
They call me Stacey
They call me Her
They call me Jane, that’s not my name
That’s Not My Name - The Ting Tings

My real names (first and last) have been massacred beyond recognition, so I have my own meanings hinged on “That’s Not My Name”. Yeesh, I sure do miss dating Euro trash, as you only have to tell them your name once. They take pronunciation as seriously as Americans take their junk food (we have coalitions even just for Miracle Whip). Here in the US I’ve given up on my names. When introduced, I tell people what I’m called, because before when I would give the real moniker, they just stared blankly waiting for other options anyways. They simply don’t even try anymore.

My real name is Nastaosyhjhneioahiahygyijikejlm, so I don’t see what the big deal is, but whatev, dolphins can say it and that’s all that really matters.

Ting One and Ting Two, aka Jules and Katie, are The Ting Tings. They hail from northern England, where everyone is over them, but we here in Florida still like to shake our things to the Tings.

Jules has a condition where he gets epileptic types of seizures, so the band requests small venues where they can somewhat control the gigs. In preventing the attacks there is no smoking, flash photography, strobe lights, or ugly people permitted so I and my ten friends basically had the place to ourselves. Ooooh I kid about the ugly people. They were in full force as usual and I love them for it.

The crowd was in full on dance mode from the second the Tings and their devices were audible until they eventually evaporated into the Florida humidity. The sound was perfect and the band did not disappoint.

I didn’t have high expectations since they only have one album out, and they are a mere two piece, but I really enjoyed the show.

My only gripe was ticket prices being a tad steep for such a short set. Cover songs are not the evil they’re made out to be when in need of a time stretch and I would’ve loved to have seen what they would’ve selected to interpret for us. Other than that, they rocked and so did the after party (maybe a little too hard heh).

The video I took has shit sound quality, but it’s got O’Brian (my friend in the red tee) rockin’ out, heheheh, so that makes up for it.

(I suggest you press "play" and then "pause" quickly so that the video loads all the way. Then press "play" and you might avoid the skips or whatever happens once it's youtubed.)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

What a nice surprise to check in on my Canadian pretty,
Vesper, today and find that she tagged me as one of her 7 creative bloggers! How groovy is that? Thanks V!

In acceptance of the Kreativ Blogger award, one must post 7 things they love and 7 creative bloggers they'd like to decorate with said award. Fair enough!

7 Things I Love:

1) Music - My ears must have 7,000 more nerve endings than the average being because I seem to get off 7,000 times harder than anyone else I know when it comes to the tunes. The only thing that makes music better is last on the list combined with what is next.

2) Humor - A necessary ingredient to everything. Sex is hilarious, I can't imagine it without humor, yet I can handle humor without sex. The Beatles were the best with implementing humor in their music, but Beck does a nice job too.

3) Writing -Also one of my top 5 best forms of self entertainment using both hands (I mostly type). It's the only occasion where I truly crack myself up and don't feel weird about it.

4) Compliments - I shan't lie, I dig hearing nice things.

5) Relating - when someone really GETS you effortlessly, and vice versa. A rarity.

6) Pets - Love at first sight can occur with them and it's everlasting.

7) Sex - It's best with music, but exceptions can be made. I'm fascinated by it, love to discuss it, and yet don't feel nearly as acquainted with it as I should be. It should never be done with pets, EVER!

7 Kreativ Bloggers:

Vesper - I love it when I meet someone and there's weird, cosmic connections. Canada is so lucky to be cuddling you and your effervescent outlook on everything from film to hair straightening.

Annie - This chick is adventurous. She's "all in" when she makes things happen, and everytime I read her, I want to pack my bags and go somewhere I've never heard of.

Rosie - In so many of her posts, there are these lightly, jeweled phrases that you just want to invite out for drinks.

Andrew - Oh he hates this stuff, if he sees it, he'll probably print it out and have a piss on it. Were it not for him and his bitchy bites of funny, I wouldn't have found Annie, Rosie, or Billy.

Billy - He provoked bloggers worldwide to bathe in milk, need I say more?

Swiss Toni - Yeah, the name alone right? I love going to Swiss Toni's Place. He's like seven kinds of geek, but the music one is the one I read for. If you like Bill Bryson and go to 10 shows a month, you'll dig this guy.

7) The last blogger I want to give this to is a private one. I know that's probably not how this gets around, but I think they could use a treat right now. Shhhhhhhhhhh.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Skeleton Oy!

“Your love is out
But even despite it all
Give me your hand
Let's face this night and see it through”
Skeleton Boy -
Friendly Fires

I basically dig skeletal dudes that dance well, so the latest video by the trio “Friendly Fires” is definitely my favorite right now.

I was blasting them in my car months ago and just recently the clubs here have gotten wind of “Paris”, their first single, so I’m guessing by mid-June “Skeleton Boy” may get a turn.

FF’s songs aren’t insanely awesome, “groovy” is probably a better word as they consistently bang out these dancey light verses that are complimented by some heavy choruses that bite your soul up (don’t worry, it doesn’t itch). I don’t even like the verses that much, but the choruses knock me on my ass every time.

They’re touring with “White Lies” and “Soft Pack” as we speak, but of course, not where I live (assorted expletives).

If I happen upon a ticket for one of the US dates, I may fly out, I need a break from this place SOON!

Mental Cupcake

Hands, touching hands, reaching out
Touching me, touching you
Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

“The lack of touch and stimulation leads to many problems such as sensory deprivation and attachment disorders.”

The above sentence is about fucked up orphans from foreign countries in regards to not being held in infancy, but I think it applies to breathers of any age (maybe even some non-breathers - I’ll ask a vampire later).

I know your first inclination is to go all sexual, and sure that is part of it, but sex is easy to get (sort of, I’m rather picky so it isn’t THAT easy - so picky I‘d be willing to bet I‘ve had a lesser amount of “partners” than anyone reading this) despite the social norms and transmitted diseases pinning so many hang-ups on that particular area. Mainly that you have to be in a committed type of relationship to have sex (especially chicks or they’re labeled a “slut“, horrors!).

Crack, Aids, and premature infants that are in hospital for ages have special volunteers that come in to hold them; no commitment there, just physical and they will never see each other again. Yeah, I know it’s not sliding skin, but it’s caressing comfort nonetheless.

We need to be touched throughout our lives, it’s just a shame it needs to be so qualified.

A few drinks at a dance club and you’re bound to get touched whether you meant to or not, and more often than not can get sexual touching without even bothering with the formalities of last names, favorite bands, or political affiliation. But, if you want to just cuddle with someone, watch a life changing movie together and rub each other’s feet while musing over it afterwards, you have to pass several interviews, be pierced or not pierced in the right places, “get” each other, make each other laugh, have the right ambitions, have similar goals, etc. All that just to be innocently held, but 3 Long Island Ice Teas can make a perfect stranger risk their immune system for 20 minutes of not-so innocent clutching.

Where the hell did we ever have the audacity to assume we have logic? Because this really seems rather daft to me.

Touch. Touched. Touchy. Touching.

Loads of us stay with people that make us miserable because we can’t go without this aspect of health. Sure we’d all like to have CONNECTION on every level, but can we mentally afford to not be physical?


There’s a cat staring at me. I’m late for a chin scratching appointment; a purely physical act that gives us both a mental cupcake.

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To Lose My Life . . .
By White Lies
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish Holidays Involving Snakes

Weird huh? They say St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. As I told my bestie earlier, my mind just goes straight to some robed dude packing a bunch of snakes into a VW mini-bus and after buckling them in (it's the law) gently tapping one on the nose saying "Sorry man, but we ain't gonna miss ya", and then backing away with a wink.

I wonder what music he would've played on the way out of Ireland (Sinead's "This is the Last Day of Our Aquaintance"?), and since it's an island, where did he drive them to? Exactly how many snakes were there? Did they get pissy along the way and bite his ass?

I know this is a drink specific "holiday", but lest we forget the snakes?


Monday, March 16, 2009

Yoga Yo?

On Tuesday she used to do yoga while I'd sit and watch the box
in a vegetable way, but always ready to say
to myself that I was an artist implying that she was not
On Tuesdays She Used To Do Yoga - Peter Hammill

I haven’t been doing my yoga lately as I’ve just been caught up in other aspects of life, but I know I need to get back into a “routine” as it were. I usually just do a small bit of it and then hit my tread mill, but in search of a more extensive workout, I turned to my television.

My setup includes about 700,000 channels, an Italian dwarf named “Et Cetera” that mans the remote for me, and a search engine where you can watch something “on demand”. Oooh I so love to DEMAND things and within seconds of Et C. typing in “yoga”, a list longer than my attention span filled the 42 inch screen before me.

There was the usual spiritual stuff like “Namaste Yoga”, cutesy shit like “Yoga Bear”, an episode of “Jackass” where Knoxville unleashes heinous amounts of gas in a yoga class, and then further down the list, what I used to know as this meditation like movement had now reached the point of pornification.

Hot Nude Yoga” - You and your partner enjoy the sensual experience of touch and body contact as you help tone…..blah blah blah do we have to do everything naked now? Something about envisioning the Warrior pose with someone’s junk dangling about sort of blows my image of what I need yoga to be.

I don’t share my yoga mat to begin with, but imagine how unsavory a job it is to clean it after “Yoga Gone Wild”, no matter who touches it.

Naked Happy Yoga Girl” (as opposed to Naked Angry or Sad Yoga Girl?) - Join Naked Happy Girls as we hunt for nudie cuties with some help from Sammy Hagar.

Wow, not like I ever cared about what happened to Sammy Hagar, but you’ve got to wonder how one goes from lead singer of Van Halen to aiding the search for ecstatic, stretching females with a disdain for clothing (or maybe you don’t, though that song “I’ll Fall in Love Again” was pretty good for it’s time).

Last on the list was “All Naughty Home Videos” - Real home videos of 14 porn stars taking milk baths and doing yoga.

Milk baths? Uhhhhhh…. is it organic milk? (See Milk Dud post)

I then DEMANDED Et Cetera type in “Pilates” and crossed my fingers (and my legs).

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Friendly Fires
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