Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mental Cupcake

Hands, touching hands, reaching out
Touching me, touching you
Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

“The lack of touch and stimulation leads to many problems such as sensory deprivation and attachment disorders.”

The above sentence is about fucked up orphans from foreign countries in regards to not being held in infancy, but I think it applies to breathers of any age (maybe even some non-breathers - I’ll ask a vampire later).

I know your first inclination is to go all sexual, and sure that is part of it, but sex is easy to get (sort of, I’m rather picky so it isn’t THAT easy - so picky I‘d be willing to bet I‘ve had a lesser amount of “partners” than anyone reading this) despite the social norms and transmitted diseases pinning so many hang-ups on that particular area. Mainly that you have to be in a committed type of relationship to have sex (especially chicks or they’re labeled a “slut“, horrors!).

Crack, Aids, and premature infants that are in hospital for ages have special volunteers that come in to hold them; no commitment there, just physical and they will never see each other again. Yeah, I know it’s not sliding skin, but it’s caressing comfort nonetheless.

We need to be touched throughout our lives, it’s just a shame it needs to be so qualified.

A few drinks at a dance club and you’re bound to get touched whether you meant to or not, and more often than not can get sexual touching without even bothering with the formalities of last names, favorite bands, or political affiliation. But, if you want to just cuddle with someone, watch a life changing movie together and rub each other’s feet while musing over it afterwards, you have to pass several interviews, be pierced or not pierced in the right places, “get” each other, make each other laugh, have the right ambitions, have similar goals, etc. All that just to be innocently held, but 3 Long Island Ice Teas can make a perfect stranger risk their immune system for 20 minutes of not-so innocent clutching.

Where the hell did we ever have the audacity to assume we have logic? Because this really seems rather daft to me.

Touch. Touched. Touchy. Touching.

Loads of us stay with people that make us miserable because we can’t go without this aspect of health. Sure we’d all like to have CONNECTION on every level, but can we mentally afford to not be physical?


There’s a cat staring at me. I’m late for a chin scratching appointment; a purely physical act that gives us both a mental cupcake.

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