Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Theosoph Eco

"I swear I recognize your breath
Memories like fingerprints are slowly raising
Me, you wouldn't recall, for I'm not my former
" Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town - Pearl Jam

I've heard people repeatedly say that the U.S. hasn't been this politically divided since the Civil War, and then often remarking about the irony of a Senator from Illinois being elected followed by the inevitable comparison of President Elect Obama to the late President Lincoln.

Lincoln reincarnating into our soon to be Commander In Chief has also come up. There are even web sites about the subject, in which some man proclaiming to be the authority on "who's who" in the reincarnated world has stated that PE Obama is NOT FP Abe, but he is actually the newer version of a man named Lyman Trumbull. "Lymie" was also a Senator from Illinois during the Civil War, and he co-authored the Thirteenth Amendment that helped put an end to slavery.

Ooooh I loves me some reincarnation, really I do. It's always laughed off in our culture, but clearly some chubby, bald guys wearing drapes in the Far and Near East really dig it. Chris Rock redid a movie about it (not a very good one, but there is a flick called "Dead Again" that I found refreshingly original for its time), but outside of the new agey types, it's not really a conversation cookie that people regularly chew on.

Wouldn't it be wild though, if all the same yip-yaps from the Civil War were re-living now? That might explain the strange penchant some have for re-enacting it (because nothing else can make that hobby look even slightly within the realms of sanity to me, though I dig the sideburns), and it would at least show the "division" was a tad more CIVIL this time around than the first run we had (stupid chicks carving backwards "B's" on their faces isn't nearly as bad as being bayoneted, one would think).

I'm totally fascinated with the concept of reincarnation, I mean, talk about recycling! The Green Party gets a collective woody when it's even hinted at. I don't believe it as a truth, but I've read loads of books about it (mostly in correlation with hypnosis, another thing that piques my interest), and for whatever reason I don't discount it as a possibility. The hapless romantic in me, I guess (I should charge that bitch rent).

Even though most religions imply or subscribe to such a possibility, it's not lucrative for those that claim a rewarding afterlife (give us your money here on earth and I'll put you on the guest list THERE, I have an "in" with the bearded dudes because I SAY I do). Open minds mean closed wallets to the Catholics (those ornate pointy hats don't pay for themselves). Plus, you are much easier to control if you think you only get one chance to hit it out of the park.

On the other end, you can use this theory to control minds based on the sad fact that if you don't follow another set of manipulative rules, you could come back as one of Ted Nugent's relatives (there's a fate worse than death), depending on one's level of naivety.

We've all known someone that when our eyes first met, there was something familiar. Some of these connections turn out great, and some turn into the sickest displays of dysfunction ever witnessed. Some are lifelong friends, and some just won't let go of you no matter what you do. They make you wonder if you did something not so groovy to them in a previous life. Is there Karma? Is their revenge going to be exacted on me now, then next life I go after them, on and on?

I tried to believe in Karma, but it didn't take. Too many times where I made sure not to hurt someone and then got hurt by them; I told the truth and got lied to. What I put out did not come back, so the evidence for that sort of thesis is shrinking by the day in my world. Could be what you put in doesn't come back till next life? Or is it all just ridiculous pondering that doesn't equal to shark shit (do they? I thought I'd pick a new type of "shit", just for Fuck's sake - we all know how sensitive Fuck is)?

There are a few cosmic things that no one can explain (this blog, for instance). Some of it is absolutely mesmerizing even if I don't subscribe to it as a whole (I can't commit to anything other than being non-committal). I find bits of every philosophy interesting as I habitually THINK, but I'm desperately trying to quit (maybe I'll try the patch).

If reincarnation is a fact and I screwed anyone over before, then man, I am really sorry. Not everyone wants to work out their "stuff", but I never like to be in yuck with anyone. It would bother me if I was hurting someone, yet I've often encountered those that indulge in such acts with psychotic fervor. Maybe I'll come back as one of their offspring (or their offspring's offspring) and hatchet them to death in their sleep.

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Vesper de Vil said...

I think I believe in some kind of cycling through...I think consciousness does carry over. Life is energy, and thus can never be snuffed out.

Anonymous said...

I know it wasn't the main topic of this blog, but don't give up on the Karma thing. Karma isn't limited to a specific situation or event in time. Just because it doesn't work out within the smaller scale of you and "they" at the time, it'll sort itself out eventually in the big picture. Those FIENDS will get what's coming to them down the line, hopefully at the worst possible time for them . . . and, in turn, you will reap the rewards of your good Karma just when you need it the most. So stay true to the cause . . . it'll all work out in the end.

mickey said...

reincarnation is utter horseshit, true, but karma is most definitely real. you are looking at it too immediate and trade oriented. it is not as direct. it is a lifelong process. keep putting out that good karma and you will see. don't be blind to it either. it is complex. also, don't trust humans with penises, especially those in the music scene, lol. ;)

She Likes It Loud said...

V- Yeah "energy" is why I can't discount it. Might this sort of energy have to have similar contaiment? Idk.

Anon- I do good things because I feel it's the right thing for me, rewards or not. I've yet to see the a-holes pay, but thanks. Imagining them covered in fire ants helps on some occasions.

Mickey - SHARK shit please! Not horse! Hehehe. I've been jammed up just as bad or worse by non-penile beings. You really only need to trust one person - yourself. I'm trying ;)