Monday, August 11, 2008

Stalker Jesus Ranger June 30, 2008

(This blog probably only makes sense if you read a previous one I've written called "Guess Who Digs Me?" dated here on Sunday July 20th, first)

I guess Jesus doesn't read my blogs, cuz he's still scamming on me. Now it's even spread to my photo albums.

Yes the sponsored links are now leeching off the captions you put on your myspace photos. So like where I put "Me on Mt. Hood", there are ads for Mt. Hood resorts below it. I mention guitars or cats and get hounded to buy lessons or "Date Siamese Felines".

People's names bring up some interesting things. One was an ad for divorce lawyers, and it ironically showed up on my friend's pic that is going through a divorce. Creepy.

Out of the sheer need to NOT think my usual thoughts, I changed up a few of em just to see what ads popped up.

On one of my captions, I put "Fuck fuckety fuck you, you fucking fuckface" (I have a t-shirt with something close to that on it), and it pulled an ad for '69 Camaros.

On two others, I put "Murdering atheist vampire molester" and "Cookie brained armpit licker". Instead of finding something from that, the computer pulled from my profile interests ( I guess they're only willing to go so far).

The first one generated "Like the White Stripes?" which is clearly one of the bands I put down. The second one grabbed from my movies, somehow tying in "What the Bleep?" to financial freedom, and "I Heart the Huckabees" snagged an ad for Mike Huckabee Campaign GEAR ("Gear" really? Yeesh). Does he not know that McCain has won the Presidency, er em the nomination? (Let's not fool ourselves, he is the next president. Even Oprah can't change that, unless she ran as an indie. I wonder if everyone would get a car and a makeover then.)

I'm still not positive what is triggering the "Jesus" ads, but I'd be interested to find out if anyone else gets them.

I need to know if he's really into me, or if he's simply just another myspace whore.

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