Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Got the Blues 4U 4/5/08

I wouldn't say I'm a straight up fan of Blues, I mean, I like it well enough, I just don't really seek it out. The words, of course, are relatable on many levels, but a good chunk of the vocalists sound like they're singing from the bottom of a glass of scotch that is invariably chained to an ashtray forever. Some of the songs are about as long as the State of the Union Address, so for me it works pretty much as background music to a good conversation only.

I do, however, completely flip my wig over guitarists that know how to incorporate that warm, bluesy sound with a rock wall of fury. I'm all teeth when someone gets that mix down, my cheekbones hurt at the very thought of it (in a good way).

Hendrix, obviously, mastered this. To play that well alone would be exquisite enough, but to be able to sing while playing the F'AMAZING songs he crafted…oy just picture me raving on in Italian here with my arms flailing about. Better yet, picture a young Sophia Loren doing it instead, wearing a 1960's gold lamé cat suit and a black boa. (Ok, hands back where I can see 'em.)

Unfortunately, I can count on only one hand the number of guitarists that I have seen live that wowed me into a drooling glob of appreciation. Recording-wise there are too many to list, but I will say I still want to tear my clothes off every time I hear the guitar on "Standing Here" by The Stone Roses - or at least someone's clothes.

Today my DVR and I got married, and during the reception it played Jimmy Kimmel's show from a couple of nights ago, which featured a band called "Back Door Slam" from the UK. I kept my clothes on, but I was certainly impressed with this young three piece outfit, and the singer/guitarist was phenomenal. I won't lie as I don't care for his vocal style, but that cat could play! All three are very good musicians, but I'm always doubly impressed if someone can sing AND play lead that well.

They sound a bit like if Cream were sometimes Celtic and from New Orleans, but are certainly bluesier than anything I ever purchase. I probably won't buy anything off 'em, but if they hoof it this way, I'm so there.

You can check 'em out at
http://www.myspace.com/backdoorslam, they're touring the west coast this week. I don't see any dates for Florida (what's new?), but if they add Tampa, you'll be sure to see me yapping about it here.

"Im gonna tear my hair out just for you. If you dont believe what I'm singing, at three oclock in the morning, babe, well

I'm singing my song for you." I Got the Blues -The Rolling Stones

(Myspace is f'd again so I can't put what I'm listening to, but I'm sure you guessed "Sticky Fingers", and you would be right. SWAY kicks every kind of ass there is.)

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