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Tom Boy May 27, 2008

"They call me a tom boy and I love it
Cause only a tom boy could stand above it" Tom Boy - Bettie Seveert

I'm not sure what a typical Tom Boy is. Judging by Wikipedia and the Urban Dictionary, my guess is that everyone is completely full of shit when it comes to compartmentalizing people with these hard, fast gender rules.

What is TYPICAL? I've been called a Tom Boy but I don't play or watch football, I don't dress like a guy, and I don't give a rats ass about cars. Those seem to be the consensus of what a Tom Boy is on the internet. (Incidentally, who the hell is the Tom that "Tom Boy" derived from?)

I don't think I'm a typical girl, but what is a typical girl? I hang with both sexes equally, but prefer men sexually, and aside from the girls I hung with in high school, guys seem to be more into music than the girls I've met, so I tend to prefer their company. Guys are more loyal in friendship too, well at least to other guys' heheheh oh but that's another blog.

I'm girly sometimes, I wear hot pink lingerie, nice perfume, and I love shoes as much as anyone could (boots even more, I LOVE BOOTS). Don't do flowers and jewelry though. Those aren't my thing. I never had a wedding planned out in my head (I'm not married to the idea of marriage, but I'm not dead set against it either), but if I ever do get nuptial fever, I would definitely walk down the aisle to "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin, instead of the traditional "march". How awful is that? A march? Yeesh! You march to your execution, not your future husband (well, one would hope they aren't one in the same).

A few years back I was at an Oasis concert with my friend Danny and this very sexy woman asked me for a light (I used to be a smoker, now I just sneak one with a drink every few months or so). After she walked away I announced "That woman was very sexy. I'm not sexy."

Danny was like "Yeah ya are, c'mon". I wasn't downing myself, nor was I upset or jealous or fishing, it was just sort of a realization that I was having. I'm not typically SEXY.

I explained myself but Danny waved me off saying "Look, you are so sexy that if I had no teeth, I'd say you were 'thexy'!" (The crying laugh made its appearance for that one.)

My mom never acted "sexy", but I can't go anywhere with her that she doesn't get hit on. She was a stay at home mom that would make cookies with us but also took us out in the snow and made giant igloos with us kids too. She never leaves the house without makeup on (I always do), but she'll pick up a poisonous snake and throw it at you for a laugh. (The only way I could find that funny is if I paid someone else to pick up the snake to throw back, or if the snake boomeranged back and bit her- not a big fan of the reptiles I gotta say.)

My mom loves to arrange flowers, but she also coached my little league team and could hustle you at pool anytime, anywhere. She taught me how to fire a shotgun, but then introduced me to sewing so my Barbies could have "originals".

I don't think we can be condensed into a category. As much as label-itis is catchy, it's useless.

"Can I break the spell of the typical?" Typical - Mutemath

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