Monday, November 3, 2008

Correction Day

(Photo: me on my way to vote)

"I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around me
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
" - Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who

I voted early on Halloween, and you've probably heard me say by now that even though I'm right handed, I voted with my left hand - I'm just that liberal. I'm the only one in my immediate family, as I come from a long line of staunch, racist, Republicans (please note that not all Republicans are racist, but the ones that share my specific DNA definitely are).

This election has really divided people in a way that I've never seen. Creepy. The hate spewed around is unconscionable and just makes me wonder about certain humans in ways that I've never done. Both sides of the "aisle" have done some shitty things making me wish we could do away with the "aisle" altogether.

When Senator McCain was on "Saturday Night Live" and he was booed, I found that in poor taste. When someone hung an effigy of Governor Palin in California, that was just sick.

"Just wanna know what're you gonna do for me, I mean are you gonna liberate us girls from male white corporate oppression? Huh? Don't be shy. Fear of a female planet?" Kool Thing - Sonic Youth

I've seen some horribly sexist bulletins about the Governor as well (from BOTH sides) that I find beyond grievous. Frankly, I don't care to hear your dick's version of politics, is that ever going to be possible? Funny how your penis has no comments on the male candidates (your mouth seems to applaud some stances on issues then, but when a woman appears your oratory hole gets plugged by your own wank - why is that?).

When referring to the Governor of Alaska, I've only heard Republican males say they'd "fuck her", but they never once eek out any admiration on her views (just the view of her). Classy. Not to be outdone, some lefties totally pornify her, again ignoring the issues. (Insert deep sigh, rolling eyes, crooked lips, and a slight head shake here.)

The sexism has been a small beauty mark compared to the cystic acne of hate that I've seen unleashed in the direction of Senator Obama. In person hate, not from-the-tv-edited-out-of-content type of hate. Four different people have said to me that they hated him so much, that they wanted to "fucking KILL him." Wow. I dared not ask why (self preservation of sanity), but I have a hunch.

This type of talk immediately reminded me of Joseph Mazagwu a former Tampa, Florida police officer that was arrested and lost his job for saying to his dry cleaner that someone should kill G.W. Bush, and that he would do it if given the bullets. He wasn't serious, but his dry cleaner turned him in for "treason". If Senator Obama becomes president, will the left become that petty and over the top about Section 18, United States Code, 871 (you have Google - get to clickin')? I've got a feeling we could pay for health care with the fines from that alone!

It's one thing to joke, but the animosity I heard in those tenors was more than disturbing. I don't want to hear that shit about anyone, unless they caused you or your lovies bodily harm, or extreme mental discourse PERSONALLY. If nothing else, I wish there was respect for the office they hold. (Maybe if we respect it, it will become respectable again?)

I know it's difficult to do that when people in office do despicable things, like the mayor of Fort Mill, South Carolina, Danny Funderburk. This guy forwarded a chain letter email claiming that Senator Obama is the Anti-Christ (he's not, I checked If there is an Anti-Christ (which Jesus NEVER mentioned one), according to what I've read, they HAVE to come into power to have the rapture, end of days, etc. It would seem anti-Christian to vote for anyone but Senator Obama if he is the AC, I mean, that's totally running interference. I voted for him just out of pure love for my Christian peoples (can I have the gas out of your car when you ascend to heaven, seriously?). Plus the added bonus of all us Godless Indians getting our land back once these sweet folks fly away with the Messiah did factor in (we're definitely closing the borders after that shit).

Oh that's another one; people are flipping out pissily saying the Senator from Illinois is being looked to as a "Messiah". I guess you just can't get too popular without haters (ask John Lennon, oops ya can't). I wonder if he was white, and named Bruce Stealyourshitler, would this be a problem?

"I've been wonderin' why people livin' in fear off my shade
(Or my hi top fade)
I'm not the one that's runnin' but they got me one the run
Treat me like I have a gun, all I got is genes and chromosomes
Consider me Black to the bone
All I want is peace and love on this planet
(Ain't that how God planned it?)"
Fear of a Black Planet - Public Enemy.

Lots of whitey fear getting very ugly. Senator Obama is running for President of everyone, not "Black President" (uh he's half white), he's not going to steal white money and give it to what the prejudicial assfaces refer to as "lazy people that didn't earn it" (that's putting it far kinder than I've heard). The people most afraid of cheaters ARE cheaters, just because YOU would act like trash if you got into office, doesn't mean someone else will. Some people use their power for good, as hard as that is to conceptualize.

Bigots are just afraid of themselves showing up in others.

Probably the worst thing I've heard out of this entire election season was Governor Palin's remarks implying two Americas: "Ril America" and I guess the fake one that was attacked on a Tuesday morning in 2001.

The first thing I thought of was something my bestie Bonnie, who worked as a graphic artist for Blue Cross/Blue Shield in the World Trade Center, told me. I nearly fainted when she answered her phone at 9am on September 11th, after I saw 2 planes crash into her place of work. She called in sick, but not everyone in her company was that fortunate. Ed Beyea, her wheelchair bound co-worker, was stuck on the 27th floor waiting to be carried to safety. Not wanting to leave his friend behind, another co-worker named Abe Zelmanowitz, stayed with Ed to make sure the Fire and Rescue knew to help when they arrived. They were of the many that perished that day.

My mind was on those two guys when the Alaskan Governor decided to piss on the memory of those we lost in "fake" America. She apparently seems to think "Washington outsiders" are better than those that lost their lives at the Pentagon as well. (Both NYC and DC were home to me at some point, if you don't like them, don't fucking go there).

It's deplorable to use 9/11 as your agenda for fear one minute (or AT ALL), and then insult the people who died that day by claiming they weren't "rilly" Americans.

No matter which way the election goes, I'll be celebrating tomorrow night. I'm proud that our country has come far enough to bring a female and a racial minority to the fore of leadership (maybe next time an Apache Hermaphrodite for Prez ay?). I know some people like the original constitution with the slavery and not letting the chicks vote (the people that changed all that were considered "terrorists" by the way), but I think life is about progression and growth, and sometimes that means CHANGE. Hate prevents mental growth (and hair growth, ask the skinheads); without mental growth, I fail to see why we exist.

Regardless of who wins, the current occupant of the oval office will be out soon. Conspiracy or not, I'll drink to that!

"I'm tired of the old shit, let the new shit begin" Old Shit/New Shit - The Eels

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Annie A said...

Good luck tomorrow, Florida...


Vesper de Vil said...

I definitely agree with your comment about bigots...that they are afraid of themselves showing up in others. I know that whenever I'm being hypocritical about something, this is the case...that I'm railing against an aspect of myself. We need to be open and aware of all facets of ourselves...otherwise bigotry and hypcrisy take over. And that is true for everyone.

She Likes It Loud said...

Thanks Annie! Rock Chicago for me!

Vesper - right on. When I'm bitching even on here, I look in my own backyard and always find something that needs work. Even with bigots, I try not to hate on them - it's hard, but if someone would've been kind to them in the first place, they might not be bigots.