Monday, July 14, 2008

80 MPH Here Instead of There 2/8/08

I saw Batman and Catwoman making out an hour ago while Corey Hart yelled at me all the way from 1985.

Perfection bumped into me and I never saw it coming. It kept it's distance because I'm highly allergic but if prompted, I could sketch every detail on even the most undeserving canvas.

My eyes are still fighting with my brain on a daily basis and nobody wins. A great haircut centered atop the perfect sentence could make an attempt at brokering peace, if I believed such a thing existed.

Someone pinched my drink that contained any hopes of such a belief. The same elixir that hijacks my inhibitions also hoists an inpenetrable wall at a later date, yet to be determined.

Everyone else seemed to be so ecstactic but all I could think of was that MIA was ripping off The Clash and Linkin Park apparently have assumed that U2 never wrote "With or Without You".

This whole Goldilocks thing isn't working out for me in a disco setting. The food's the same but from different galaxies and I always feel like I arrived too early or too late.

Invisible or so unique that no one can see it? OR so common that nobody cares?

Currently listening : We Are Pilots By Shiny Toy Guns Release date: 17 October, 2006

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