Monday, July 14, 2008

Amino Ass-Head 2/2/08

I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida where we have two seasons: HOT and not-so-hot. The former has been aptly noted as "hotter than two rats fuckin' in a wool sock" and upon first hearing this colloquial expression, I laughed for about 5 days straight. Despite the fact that I've lived in Detroit, New York City, and Washington D.C., I've yet to see two rats knocking boots in any capacity.

Once HOT kicks in, you can't forget to put "car sunglasses" on over your dash especially if you have a black interior. I, of course, learned that fact the hard way as I drive a manual (yep I'm cool like that). I don't believe in the existence of any kind of devil, but grabbing a sun scorched gearshift would, I imagine, be akin to manhandling Satan's junk. Youch! Live and learn.

When the transition of our two seasons occurs, allergens are flying high and I get all sneezy, real charming I know. I tried the otc allergy meds but I'm super sensitive to any kind of medicine, even the children's dosage. It's like opposite world for me with that shit, "non-drowsy" instantly drops me but the stuff that usually knocks people out has me bouncing off the walls and makes my heart a bit wonky so I often explore the alternative medicines/vitamins.

L-Arginine really alleviates my allergy symptoms, it helps a myriad of things; stroke, heart stuff, circulation, AND sexual dysfunction. Yeah man, if you can't jump your pump, this is sort of the Viagra au naturelle and it works on chicks too!

I was unaware of this fact when I first took it 'til I found myself all mouth agape at the Publix bag boy when he asked if I needed help taking my ONE bag of groceries to my car. I was seeing with the "drunk's-eye" view you get when feeling overly friendly on cocktails, but I was completely sober. I'm not a mouth breather so I knew something was amiss. I reeled my jaw in off the floor and bolted home to read up on this amino acid further. I've since pulled back on the dosage but do find myself thinking "How you doin?" more often than I used to.

Probably what it's usually like to be a guy ay?

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